The "Eleven Hundreds" is a term referring to ex-Imperial soldiers in the Republic, coined in the early 2060's derived from Republic service directives that, while classified, are for the most part between the designations 1100 through 1180. These directives are generally intended for members of the Republic military who defected from the Impera Dictatum.

It is unknown how rumor spread of this classified information, though reaction to soldiers known to be previously Imperial varies, ranging from harassment and hatred, to high levels of respect and admiration.

Over time, this term became used more wide spread, and among the Republic it came to mean any citizen of the Empire now living under Federal regime.

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Having split off from the Empire, there are many individuals of Imperial origin within the Republic, though many remained unknown. Many directives place 1100's records in secrecy, so as to avoid discrimination- But only after proving themselves loyal to the Republic.

Known individuals include: