Stuff we've worked on and finished:Edit

  • The Original Beyond Darkness Trilogy -Only lorewise [Developed jointly by Rinzler, Charlie and Banz(Cole).]
    • Beyond Darkness
    • Further Beyond
  • Beyond Darkness: Shattered Armistice [Original idea: Daenarii; Development: Rinzler]
  • Further Beyond: Greyhounds [Conceptualized and developed by Rinzler.]
  • Edge of Darkness -Only lorewise [Developed by Rinzler with input from Banz(Cole).]
  • Beyond Darkness: Saviors -Only lorewise [Developed by Rinzler with input from Jon.]
  • Lucas' Journal [Developed by Rinzler with input from Jon and Banz(Cole).]
  • Case Files:
  • Beyond Darkness: Shattered skies [Conceptualized by Rinzler and developed along with Jon, Cole and Ismail.]

Stuff we're working on:Edit

  • Beyond Darkness: Edge Worlds [Conceptualized and developed by Rinzler with input from Jon, Cole and Tethys.]
  • Project Blizzard [Developed by Rinzler in close correlation to Jon's trilogy.]
  • The Blackwell Trilogy [Conceptualized and Developed by Jon.]
    • Blizzard [Conceptualized and developed by Jon, with input from Cole and Tethys]
    • Wanderer (Placeholder title.) [Conceptualized by Jon.]
    • Firestorm [Conceptualized by Jon, based on the events of the original Beyond Darkness.]
    • Epilogue: Ashes (Placeholder title.) [Conceptualized by Jon, based around the events of Further Beyond.]
  • The Pact [Conceptualized and Developed by Cole.]
  • A rework of the original trilogy [A general project.]
  • The Arbiter Codex [Conceptualized and Developed by Rinzler.]
  • Beyond Darkness: Adrift [Conceptualized by Jon, leading into part two of the Blackwell trilogy.]
  • Beyond Darkness: Kitsune [TBA.]