Impera DictatumEdit

Also known by the other Factions and the people in the Galaxy as 'The Empire'. The Impera Dictatum is a dictatorial and totalitarian Empire, dedicated to progress and servitude. It believes in restricting freedom to uphold order and prevent chaos and is aimed at reasserting its dominance where it had lost it.

The Empire is well known for producing some of the most well-trained and well-drilled soldiers ever seen, the Empire once had control over the entirety of the Milky Way before being forced out due to the Rebellions of the Republic and E.S.N overwhelming them.

The Empire currently holds domain over a smaller but distant Galaxy, quietly rebuilding what it had lost to retake what it sees as rightfully theirs.



  • Siren Insurgency
  • Cinders' Flotilla

Enemies: (Currently at war with)Edit