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The Lavinian Legion (Called the Legion for short), is a mysterious and non-traditionally organized Empire that appears to be an evolutionary offshoot of Humanity. Having evolved in another Galaxy and created by an ancient race of aliens known as the 'Eldran'.

Though Humanoid in appearance, the Lavinians are very different from their more violent counterpart. Most possess abilities that make them very fearsome combatants on the battlefield. And having never seen the use in fighting each other has allowed this race to invent and discover technologies the Republic and the Empire can only dream of.

The Legion is prosecuted with extreme prejudice by the Republic out of fear that this powerful race may one day turn against them.


Not much is known of the Lavinians but it is recorded that they had a Great War with their sister race, the Xenosians, sometime during the 2030s that devasted both sides. The war ended a year after it began when a mysterious assassin by the name of Raimis destroyed their flagship by making it crash, allowing the Lavinians to rebuild and prosper. The Lavinian Flagship, The Traquia, was one of their prized possessions that was a symbol of their power and technological prowess. Sometime after the Great War, it was manned by their first Moonblade, Ethan Morell, who win many victories and legendary battles with it that even to the present day, are known by several surviving Lavinians. However these battles severely cost the Lavinian Legion as it was used to assert their "lust of power" by the The Republic leaders, who swiftly launched attacks on their colonies. This in turn allowed the Empire to swiftly begin constructing staging grounds and shipyards in Lavinian territory without opposition, creating a two front war for them. Several of their colonies, such as the colony of Mantri’ell, were bombarded by Republic and Empire forces, leading them to have dwindling resources and the looming cloud of the mass death of their race. The High Aquilifier was forced to call for the construction of several colony ships while their Navy held the enemies at bay. The Traquia and five colonial ships were the only ones to survive the brutality of the opposing forces, and slipped into hyperspace where they wandered aimlessly for nearly a year. It was here that the Lavinians searched the outer, or edge, of the galaxy for planets to settle upon, and finally came upon the moon they promptly named Hesperax, which housed several varying degrees of environments which they grew used to. They spent two decades rebuilding glimpses of their former home worlds on this moon, and currently reside here, far away from the clutches of their enemies.



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