"My sword, my shield, my heart, my body, my spark and my soul. All belong to you and will follow wherever you choose to go. The World may falter, but I will never stray. This I swear to you."
- Raimis' vows to Daenarii.
Raimis was the seventh Arbiter, officially the second Arbiter loyal to the Republic and its Founders. He inherited his adoptive Father's title of Arbiter, but chose to decline the initial and later offer of becoming a Founder. Citing his duties were bound differently.

He remained a fairly enigmatic personality among those who knew him, Raimis was also the first officially document individual, to have been a hybrid. A human as well as partially a Lavinian, as per an intensive D.N.A analysis, as well as anatomical observation.

It's further cited that he became more so Lavinian than human once intimately involved with Daenarii, who later became his wife and significant other half.

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