The Federal Republic is a democratic alliance of loosely bound conglomerates that have usurped a large portion of the Galaxy for themselves. The Republic protects the interests of its people as well as its Corporations that hold legal monopolies.

The Republic has set itself ahead of the curve by stealing extremely valuable Imperial ship blueprints during the days of the Rebellion to cement their power in the present day. During the Rebellion of E.S.N against the Empire, the Republic positioned itself in such a way, so as to fill the void of power left by the badly weakened Empire. Once the Empire pushed back the E.S.N advance, the Republic attacked with its new-found technology and drove the Empire out of the Galaxy, usurping the power for itself.


The rise of the Republic Edit

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Dominion Edit

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Lavinian Exile Edit

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Lesser Branches Edit

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List of Known ColoniesEdit

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Rigel (Republic Governed and Defended); Sahrak (Independently Governed and Defended); New Greece (Independently Governed and Defended).

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Throughout the time of the Republic- (Write historic report of alliances.)

Allied with the Haldien Empire, Kingdom of Altari, and the High council.

Enemies Edit

Being essentially a rebellion, the Republic remained an enemy of the Empire for many years. Also, under tensions remaining from the previous war, the E.S.N. war continued on against the Republic.

During the Lavinian exile, the Republic (Insert hate crimes committed against the lavs, here.)

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