"It was always the under-dogs you sided with. You'd be willing to give your life for these men? These tyrants?"
"Yes, I would..."
-An Imperial commander, and Richard Argant.
Richard Argant was the sixth Rinzler, and a warrior of legendary skill, during the Imperial Rebellion, and the Birth of the Republic. Taken as a child, Richard was made to believe his family had been murdered by enemies of the Empire, and he fought for them loyally until the Birth of the Republic. Ultimately, Richard played one of the largest parts in the fall of the Empire, and the rise of the Republic.


Early lifeEdit

Very little is known about this Rinzler's past life, he himself remains largely clueless. It was uncovered over the years that he was born to a middle-class family on Damocles, his parents were both owners of a provisions store that sold necessities at subsidized prices. They lived in relative peace and Richard even attended a qualified school. All of this would change when he was hand-picked by observant Doctors for project 'Arbitraire'.

Abduction, and TrainingEdit

Upon returning to his home one Thursday evening, Richard would discover both his parents murdered and thrown to a corner of their house on the floor, lumped together like animals. Everything went according to plan and Imperial forces arrived, acting as if they were responding to a Federal incursion, tricking the grief stricken little boy into believing they were responsible, conditioning his mind from such a young age to operate with pure obedience and without question.

Rinzlers such as Richard were trained in multiple disciplines, most complimentary to each other. Such as espionage and counter-intelligence, breaching installations and defending against the same. There was no shortage of training for different scenarios for people under this project, they were drilled without mercy until fighting and combat logic became second nature to them and soon it was practically all they knew. Making them true instruments of death and Imperial might.

Later-stages Edit

Richard was known to have had intimate relations with a Republic agent under the name of "Morriano", but no files about her exist publicly and many question the depth of their interactions and the true nature of it. It was observed by the rest of the Founders that Richard was broken in more ways than one upon her death, morally and emotionally. Falling back upon Imperial discipline and focusing more on his duties than anything else. Founders inclusive of him were always public figures, but after the equally mysterious events leading up to her death, Richard remained away from the public's eye up until the point of his death. A large amount of his life remained locked away, even from those he trusted.

Legacy Edit

Decorations: Edit

Richard was awarded the Federal Star upon the confirmed exile of the Impera Dictatum and destruction of the Brotherhood. It was the highest honor the Republic could offer him, yet he seemed to pay it no mind.