Wallace J. Cole was a sniper and later, future grand leader of the Republic. He was chosen to succeed the former leader, Nicholas Mann, after his early retirement and to continue the legacy of The Federal Republic and those who had founded it in the first place, instilling several controversial but in the end, balanced policies. He was a man of both few and many words, using his actions to speak louder than his words. He was involved in several key defining battles of The Republic with The Empire, showing skills of a leader early on with his squadrons. Throughout his cooperation with the other leaders, he helped to keep The Republic from falling into the same trap The Empire had fallen into, that is, becoming something that others would despise. 

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Born in the year 2035, Wallace. J Cole was often times seen as a boy of peculiar taste growing up on his family farm. His parents taught him to value humanity and all it held as well as morals to keep his head on right. His parents were very noble and humble, and as such that rubbed off heavily on Wallace as he helped around the farm and made quick friends with those who lived nearby.

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The Rise of the Republic Edit

Late life Edit

Wallace would go on to marry an assassin whom he met when The Rapture occured alongside Richard Argant. He refused to kill her at the time despite being given the chance too by his friend. as he was taught to never harm a woman and eventually the two grew to fall in love. He would go on to father a son and live the remainder of his life on a farm with his beloved and son.

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Influence in the Republic Edit

Cole was seen by many, for years to come, as a hero of the Republic, and an example of outstanding honor, virtue, and chivalry. His leadership was remembered by many, and inspired many, for years to come.

Cole was seen as a historical figure, a founder of the Republic, and an icon of the nobility of the Republic.

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